Why is science afraid of God?

Why is science afraid of God? This is the question that has been on my mind since I was a little kid. Since middle school I remember being taught the theory of evolution, which was always prefaced with the teacher informing us that they are only teaching a lesson and in no way are they comparing creationism to evolution, or saying that one is right and the other is wrong, it is just a lesson to give you some knowledge. Besides the fact that this is the only true form of education I received, where the students are taught a lesson and then told to think for themselves, the question always entered my mind, why couldn’t both theories be true? As I grew older I inevitably saw more and more “scientists” or science enthusiasts calling anyone who believes in God an idiot for believing in something to which there is no evidence (regardless of the ironic fact that there is mounting evidence for evolution, not conclusive evidence for evolution). But why? Some of the greatest scientists in history, the ones that changed the field forever, Tesla, Einstein, knew that there was something else, something deeper and bigger than science has yet conceived. Einstein even said, the more he learns about science, the more he believes in God. So why does science fear God so? It isn’t because of the lack of evidence that there is a God or angels or any ethereal spirits/beings, past lives, or anything else that has come up throughout history that has the marking of something that requires faith. Perhaps the question shouldn’t be why is science afraid of God but why does science ignore God? Why has science always said that God doesn’t exist and made no attempt to prove or disprove their statement. God is the one subject where science wants no part in exploring, which at it’s core goes against the entirety of science’s being. Science is supposed to figure out that which cannot be outwardly explained, to look deeper into the questions that plague humanity and find the truth. So why is it that science is so fearful of God, explaining God or searching for signs of God? Because science is naïve. If science looks for God it immediately admits it was wrong, which any human entity has the hardest time doing for some weird reason (only when you know what is wrong do you know what is absolute truth), and the consensus of primarily atheist scientists have to give serious credence to rearranging their views and beliefs.
Now just by writing this a science enthusiast will get all bent out of shape, take it personally and tell me that I should thank science for all that its done and not question its motives, which again goes against everything that science is. You’re supposed to question motives in science, that’s its fucking purpose, its entire reason for being. So for science to just turn a blind eye to anything God related just because the mass of scientists do not believe in God seems to me to be more about personal issues than the truth, not to mention seems to really be hindering science in making some astounding discoveries. Imagine for a moment science gave credence to God and began to explore the possibilities surrounding this belief (I will state here to make it clear, I’m saying believing in God not religion, for those who do not know the difference or didn’t know there was a difference I highly suggest in educating yourself more about the world in which you live) and discover how to manipulate energy rather than manipulating matter for energy, or that our DNA isn’t 90% junk and that there is a deeper purpose for all the we are. The possibilities are truly endless.
I hope one day mankind loses this sense of, I don’t even know what, entitlement? Ego? Whatever it is that makes us think we’re infallible creatures or smarter than we really are. We are young as a species and we have much to learn, I just hope that we learn some humility and realize that we don’t know jack shit.

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