June 1st. 2011.

Life is so incredibly fragile.  It makes you think what’s the purpose of everything if there is a purpose at all.  One minute we’re here and the next we’re gone.  I had a friend relay a recent death to me.  A mutual acquaintance’s mother was diagnosed with cancer on Monday and died Saturday night.  It makes you wonder why. Why’d it happen so quickly? Why’d it happen at all… Some say that this aspect of life isn’t fair. That death is cruel and untimely; yet we know about it all of our lives.  We know from a fairly early age that we’re going to die yet are so surprised when it comes around.  I think it’s because knowing and understanding are two completely different things.  Knowing you’re going to die is common but to understand that one day you will take your last breath and no longer inhabit the body you’ve been living in for however many years is tough to grasp.  Questions always arise as to what happens when we’re gone, science and faith can tell us two different things but ultimately your energy moves on, both sides can agree on that.  In faith your soul continues on to heaven or hell or you’re reincarnated into something with a higher or lower level of enlightenment. In science your energy (soul?) does what? floats into the ether? goes into the Earth?  Basic scientific knowledge, energy cannot be created nor destroyed so therefore it has to move onto to something.  Science tells us that energy makes up everything in our universe, from the ground we stand on to the dark matter floating around in nothingness.  It’s infinite.  So when we die our energy moves on to the infinite that is all around us.  All energy is unique and has its own signature (if you wanna call it that) that won’t change.  So when we die our unique energy moves on to the infinite energy yet our energy won’t change, it will remain as us forever.

Understanding what happens when we die is impossible unless you can actually go there and come back.  There have been documented cases of people dying and coming back to life and reported seeing bright lights or an overwhelming feeling of euphoria.  Is that our bodies self-defenses protecting us from pain and fear or is it something more?  I also ask, can’t those be one in the same?  Since we don’t fully understand the concept of death, if we were to be on the verge of dying of course we’d be scared shitless. So your body releases neurotransmitters and chemicals of the like to calm you because there really isn’t anything to fear; in the end your essence is going back ‘home’.

Again this is all speculation.  The human brain has an interesting way of making something out of nothing.  It can see a piece of wood and allow the body to carve it into art, it can see something complex and inevitable like death and rationalize it to be something a little less frightening.  It can rationalize that everything happens for a reason, even my friends mom, her death could have happened for a reason.  Maybe someone reads about her death, thinks about how terrible it is and dedicates their life to studying cancer and eventually comes out with a cure.  The bottom line is that there is no way of truly knowing any of this.  Outside our limited line of sight we’re clueless to the truth.  All we have to go on is some kind of faith. We have a hope that what we believe is true and the longer we tell ourselves it is the more we believe it.  Countries were destroyed and wars were waged on faith. It’s a powerful thing.  But perhaps we were given this power to create our own faith and believe it so strongly for a reason.  Maybe because we will never understand the truth we were given a way to compensate for that by believing that in the end, everything will be alright.

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