The End is Nigh

From an early age humans know that we’re all going to die.  Someday, early or late in life, we will cease to exist on this Earth and either reach a higher (or lower, depending on your time speant on Earth) plane of existence.  Since the birth of organized religion its been said that a return of (a) God or some astronomical event will spark the mass transit of souls from this plane to another.  Now I know every generation has their scares, their own War of the Worlds broadcast, where people get nervous because someone is convincing enough when saying the end is here.  But is it?  In a few days will Jesus come back, will the pure of heart disappear, will those who remain have seven years to prove that they are worthy enough to enter paradise?  In a year and a half will our world shift, will everyone perish because of an event that hasn’t occured in tens of thousands of years?  I say, does it matter?  Does anyone give a fuck that we’re killing ourselves off? Does anyone care that the men and women we put in place to protect and lead our states and country are stealing, pillaging, and lying to us all?  I think people care that we’re already living in hell but I don’t understand why nothing is changing.  We’re promised change, we’re given lies.  If the end is near there is nothing that can be done, as a whole we’ve lost our fight.  We live in a world without heroes. 
I don’t think that whatever is going to happen will happen immediately. I think its going to take time in order to show us how soft we’ve become, how complacent we are to the very people we chose to lead us.  In the end, whenever that may be, I think we’re lucky to be forced out.  Maybe its a test to see who can stand up for themselves, who can survive and who will roll over and take it.  If there is one thing to learn in life its that if there is anything in this world worth having it sure as shit isn’t going to come easy.  We need to fight.  We fought from simple minded neanderthals to become upright, intelligent beings.  We fought dictators and tyrants.  We fought for freedom. We fought for our right to live. But today, we’re lost.  Today we take it.  We’ve failed ourselves.  Everything we worked for is going to be destroyed because we lost sight of what’s important.  We don’t cherish companionship, country or our commonman.  I don’t think its ever too late to take a stand.  I personally will fight for what I believe in until there is no breath left in me.  But what is one voice in a mass of billions?  Its a start.  This isn’t the time to hope that a slogan will change the world. Its going to take action.  Our forefathers said a little revolution from time to time is a good thing.  Take a fucking stand for yourselves. Someday, I guarantee it, you will run out of time.

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